Bail Bonds & Customer Service:


They asked me to put up my house for collateral to bail our daughter out of jail?

We recently posted a twenty thousand dollar bond at the Santa Monica police department for drunk in public, resisting arrest and battery on a police officer. 243 (B) PC, 148 (A)(1) PC, 647 (F) PC

The family of the person arrested called Sunset Bail Bonds because the first two bonding companies didn't take the time to truly understand who they were and the arrest charges. The first company asked for collateral in the form of an automobile and the second asked for a home. If they just took a little time to speak with the family and understand the situation, they would have understood there was no risk. The girl was young, never been arrested before and had a great job! We met 5 family members down at the jail that day. If someone has 5 family members showing up for them and signing on their behalf, chances are they have no problem showing up for court. Bail does not have to be difficult for you or your family.

The first bail bonds company we called was so mean!

A mother from Ohio called our company asking questions regarding her son that was being detained at the Santa Monica Jail for domestic violence aka corporal injury on a spouse.  273.5 (A) PC

She told us that the guy answering the phone at the first company was rude and quick to judge her and her son based on the size of the bond and the arrest charges.

Regardless of the label this arrest brings, most Domestic Violence charges are never what they seem.  Nine times out of ten it was a simple argument and the neighbor called the police.  In our minds, if you’ve been arrested for Domestic Violence you’re not a criminal.  Most of the time it was an emotional reaction brought on by the current circumstances and not premeditated.  To many bail bond companies are quick to disregard someone with these arrest charges because normally the bail is set as a felony in the amount of fifty thousand dollars.  Every bond should be evaluated on a case by case situation.