Santa Monica Man Tries To Steal Drink; Arrested And Bail Set At $50,000

A 30-year-old Santa Monica resident was arrested and charged with robbery on Wednesday, June 5 after trying to steal a drink.
At 9:39 pm officers of the Santa Monica Police Department responded to a battery report that had occurred in the 800 block of Montana Avenue. The officers had been told the suspect was either high on drugs or drunk, or possibly both. When the officers arrived they spotted a likely suspect and detained him. The officers noticed this suspect was sporting a number of cuts and abrasions on his forehead, chin, arms, and back. The officers then spoke with the victim, who was an employee at a market located on the same block. The victim told the officers he had witnessed this man force open some closed doors at the rear of the market, and remove a beverage from a display, telling the victim, “you need to give me a drink.” The victim had then stepped in front of the suspect and retorted that the suspect needed to pay for the said beverage prior to consuming it. The suspect responded by throwing the beverage at the employee and a struggle ensued. They both fell down to the ground and wrestled until the employee got the upper hand and mounted the suspect, restraining him until the arrival of officers.

This man was arrested and charged with robbery.

Bail was set at $50,000.

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