LA County Assessor Raises Bail And Leaves Jail After 5 Months

LOS ANGELES ( — Los Angeles County Assessor John Noguez was released from jail Friday after posting $1.16 million in bail.
Noguez was held at Men’s Central Jail in Los Angeles after his arrest on Oct. 17 for misappropriation of public funds and other charges. KNX 1070′s Pete Demetriou reports his release comes after Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Shelly Torrealba lifted a hold to allow prosecutors to determine whether Noguez had legally obtained the funds. Deputy District Attorney Max Huntsman said prosecutors worked with defense counsel to vet and interview “the substantial donors” linked to the bail money. “So that meets the legal requirements, and like all defendants, Mr. Noguez is entitled to bail at the amount that the court set,” Huntsman said. KCAL9′s Dave Lopez reported that ten people put up funds for Noguez’s bail. Many of the donors are high school friends. They put up $92,000 in cash combined. The rest was put up in collateral through their homes.
Noguez faces 13 counts of misappropriation by a public officer, five counts of perjury, four counts of accepting bribes and two counts of conspiracy for allegedly lowering property tax bills for campaign contributors. He is due back in court April 23 to determine if there is enough evidence to require him to stand trial.

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