Foltz Criminal Justice Center in downtown L.A

During a hearing at the Foltz Criminal Justice Center in downtown L.A., a judge postponed Perry’s arraignment to Monday and set his bail at $1 million.
Police had previously said the suspect would not be able to bail out due to unrelated charges against him in Florida. The kidnapping and child-stealing charges came a day after Jack Perry and his daughter, Lucia Perry, returned to the L.A. area from Palm Springs after the Los Angeles Police Department said a witness tipped had off investigators. The 31-year-old British national was accused of kidnapping the little girl on Christmas Eve at the Fairfax-area mall. The court-appointed individual supervising the visit “lost sight” of the pair, and immediately notified LAPD patrol officers at the mall. On Monday night, the pair was found at a Palm Springs hotel, which Jack Perry was accused of renting under a fictitious name.

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