New Orleans Bond Scheme – 3 Accused

A spokesman for District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro said that a State grand injury has charged 2 men and women in an illegal bail bond scheme that has arisen from a joint investigation by the Orleans Parish district attorney’s federal authorities. The legal document returned on Thursday saying that former licensed bail bonds agent Torrey Lewis dodged with murder suspect Christina Sentmore and Stanley Berniard to post an illegal property bond in order to free Berniard from the prison.

As per Cannizzaro office, Lewis lied exclaiming that he was a cousin of Berniard. The properties were loaded up with city liens. Berniard and Sentmore made a payment to Lewis of $13, 000 to post the bail bond under which Lewis had said that he received nothing.

Four years earlier, District court judge Charles Elloie retired which he was under fire over his practice of decreasing bail bonds for suspects in violent felonies. Elloie’s retirement for poor health ended a state investigation into his bond moves. Garrison was accused of logging into the computer system and changing defendant’s bail status to show in a false way. As part of the deal, Garrison who waited for sentencing agreed to cooperate with federal investigators.

Sentmore, Berniard and Lewis face one count each of getting illegal consideration for a criminal bail bond and conspiracy to launder money. In the killing of Alvin Crosby, Berniard is suspect of second-degree murder. In February, police arrested Berniard and his bond was set at $2,50,000.

The record of Berniard includes an arrest for provoked attempt on a police officer in 2003. He even faces pending charges for the possession of a firearm in an alcoholic beverage outlet. Cannizzaro office also charged him with discharging a firearm in fierce crime in a case which was refused in 2005.

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