Bail Bonds in Costa Mesa

25th January, 2014: In Newport Beach, a women crashed into a light pole the early Saturday evening. Going by the Newport Beach Police Department, the women was drunk. On January 25, 2014, an unidentified women was driving on Dover Dr when she somehow lost the control over her vehicle and crashed into the light pole subsequently.

The moment women was found, she was unconscious and her Hyundai Tucson also hit the tree as well as a wall. In order to get her out of the car, the Fire department had to use the jaws of life. As of now, she is still hospitalized and so, has not been placed in the Costa Mesa court system yet. Once, she will be fine she will require to contact the Costa Mesa bail bonds agent if she gets arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI).

It is certainly not known whether she is from Costa Mesa or any other city. But, if she is from this particular destination then no time left for her to contact the bail bonds agent , after all it’s a matter of reputation.

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