Origin streaker Wati Holmwood arrested for breaching bail

Holmwood was scheduled on Tuesday to appeal against his three-month jail term for streaking across ANZ stadium in July. But instead of appearing before the NSW District Court at Parramatta, he is now being held in cells underneath.
Holmwood, 33, ran onto the field wearing nothing but joggers during the final minutes of the rugby league Origin decider in July.
The Tempe man pleaded guilty to the offence and was sentenced earlier this month to three months jail for two bond breaches and fined $2000 for his on-field romp.
He was subsequently granted bail to appeal the sentence.
However on Tuesday, defence lawyer Will Tuckey told judge Martin Sides that Holmwood was currently in custody after breaching his appeal bail.
The court was not told how Holmwood breached bail.
Mr Tuckey told the court there could be suggestions raised that there were psychological or psychiatric “issues faced by Mr Holmwood”.
Holmwood’s appeal is due to be heard later on Tuesday

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