Money-hungry bondsman sends clients back to jail

Brooklyn-based bondsman George Zouvelos, 45, has been sending defendants back to the slammer for frivolous reasons, and then charging them through the nose for it. Zouvelos was questioned under oath Friday, with a judge calling his shady practices ‘reprehensible.’

Can you believe this? Yes you have to be careful out there. This type of nonsense happens in Los Angeles as well.

FULL STORY: Getting bailed out by this bondsman can be worse than going to jail.

A Brooklyn-based bounty hunter has been raising alarms for sending defendants back to jail en masse for seemingly frivolous reasons — then charging them through the nose for the “service.”

George Zouvelos, 45, sent at least 18 of his clients back to the slammer just in the past eight days — all for minor alleged violations, like missing a weekly sign-in appointment on the Fourth of July, when his office was closed — the Daily News has learned.

Justice John Ingram called the burly bailer’s shady business practices “reprehensible” when questioning him under oath Friday.

Zouvelos’ unlicensed company, Spartan Bail, has had 114 complaints filed against it with the state’s Department of Finance since 2005 — more than any other firm in the state.

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